Beta Release

Monday, July 13 12:00:00 AM
By: Patrick Ingham – Project manager

This is the release of the early beta for, a project of Stillwater Laboratories. This beta release is to give you exclusive access to the early version of this software while it is in the process of being developed. It is not a finished product, not all features are implemented (more on that below) and bugs will happen (and when they do, please report them to

A display of the sample page

If you have an account with Stillwater Laboratories and would like to test out this new offering, contact your Stillwater representative about creating an account.

This beta release has many important features for clients already implemented, and many more planned. For this initial, testing release there are:

  • Secure, encrypted access to your order and sample history
  • Create and share links to your data with whoever (and retract them anytime)
  • Up to the minute data as samples are processed
  • Reports and labels for each sample
  • Data for previous samples and data visualization
  • Account history

An example list of samples with some summary data A display of terpene data being graphed in a horizontal bar chart

Planned features that will be added as they develop include:

  • Fully online ordering - Coming soon!
  • Many more options for data visualization and advanced statistical analysis
  • Account creation for staff members and detailed access rules so everyone sees only what you allow
  • Customizeable label generation
  • Live data updates and instant report generation
  • Further enhanced security

A graph of samples in different settings
For contact requests not covered above: